Club Rules & Regulations

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The Peoples Table Tennis Club believes the Sport should be accessible by everyone, within a safe, friendly and welcoming environment ! To ensure the best possible experience for everyone, we kindly ask that you:


Please email at to book a table spot as we are currently not taking drop-ins at this time. 

Non-members cannot play in our facility until further notice.


Observe COVID - 19 Government Health Protocols

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment, dressed ready to play

Leave the building immediately after your appointment ends

No social gathering; please maintain physical distancing at all times

Single Games: two people per table at any one time

Double Games: ONLY if your doubles partner is a member of your household

Maximum Time limit of 2 hours

Maximum of 20 players inside the building. 

No refreshments will be provided on site.

Please note that only credit and debit cards are accepted. Please do not pay by cash. 

Please bring your own racket, ping pong balls, masks, water bottle, and hand sanitizer. 


All members and guests register at the front desk, and purchase a pass, or show their membership card, before entering the Court Area.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

To maintain the best possible playing surface, bring a pair of clean indoor, no black soles, footwear to be changed prior to entering the court.

Turn Off Your Phone

Ringing Cell Phones can prove a distraction for anyone. Help your fellow players maintain their concentration, by turning your ringer off.

Leave Valuables at Home

Lost, Missing & Broken items make everyone unhappy. As we do not provide a Baggage Check, we ask you to leave valuables at Home.

Dress Appropriately

Table Tennis can be Physical! We recommend dressing lightly in Loose, Clean and Comfortable, Athletic clothing.

Care for the Equipment

We ask that players exercise Care when using all Equipment, & and that players not sit, lean on, or abuse the tables.

Noise and Language

A Great Shot is cause for celebration !!! However we ask that you be mindful of others, and avoid all foul language.


Wagering and gambling is not pemitted under any circumstance, and we ask our patrons to refrain from doing so.

30 Minute Rotation

If we are at capacity, all players are asked to vacate their table ( 30 minute intervals), to allow waiting members to play.

Commercial Activities

Any commercial activity for private gain, including the offering of private lessons, must first be authorized and cleared by Club staff.

Report Accidents and Emergencies

Your Safety is important to us. Please report all accidents and emergencies to the Club Attendant, immediately .

Have Fun !!!

Perhaps the Most Important "rule"...remember that win or lose, Table Tennis is meant to be Fun !!! So Pong On Everyone !!!



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