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Want to play like a Champion ? Then why not learn from one ? Whether you're a beginner wanting to learn the ropes, or an advanced player looking to take it to the next level, Our Team of Instructors are happy to provide personal "One-on-One" instruction, to help improve your game at a pace that makes sense for you !


I'm interested in taking some Classes....but have a few Questions...


Who are the Instructors ?

The Peoples Table Tennis Club has a team of volunteers with experience in the sports and the passion to coach others!

What is taught ?

Anything can be taught ! If your just starting out, Our Coaches will be happy to assess your skills and tailor your lesson(s) accordingly. If on the other hand, you are looking for help with a particular skill, you only have to ask, as they will be surely happy to help !

When are they offered ?

Private Classes can be made by appointment with either of our Coaches, subject to their availability. Simply Call the Club at (403) 263-7664 for booking and further details.

Do you recommend taking a certain number of classes ?

At the moment there are group lessons due to Covid-19 but do feel free to email for more details.

Anything Else I should know?

If you arrive a bit earlier and your coach is not yet ready we ask that you remain in the lobby until the coach calls you up. If you wish to play that needs to be arranged with the court manager after your lesson and not before.


As our Goal is to help you become the very best Player you can be...any perspective student who is unsure of what they want or need, is most welcome to come in and talk to our Coaches or to the Owners of the Club !


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