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The Peoples Table Tennis Club is very fortunate to have an amazing team of Directors, Instructors, Court Supervisors and Volunteers, whose passion for the Sport is exceeded only by their commitment to the highest levels of service.

We couldn't do it without them, so without further delay, please meet our team!



Samuel Ko - Owner / Founder

Samuel Ko is the owner and founder of The Peoples Table Tennis Club. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary, is a Professional Engineer, a Certified Master Builder, a Commissioner of Oaths, and a broker under the Calgary Real Estate Board. At heart, he is an entrepreneur.

A believer of seasons, Sam opened up The Peoples Table Tennis Club in response to his own retirement, and to an aging baby boomer generation, especially women, who have dedicated so much of their lives to their family. Understanding the need for exercise, recreation, and community at this critical juncture, Sam envisions The Peoples Table Tennis Club as a place to promote health, friendship, and inter-generational communication.



Danny Bow - Court Supervisor

Danny likes to play ping pong which is not only physical exercise but also mental training for a fast response to a brainstorming session in a second. It is good for human health from 6 to 80. At the age of 9 Danny was trained as a ping pong player where he had played for 10 years, before picking it up again only 12 years ago, in a return to playing sports.

Danny enjoys the various adaptations of controls needed of the ball, in terms of speed and technique and the great satisfaction that comes from it, as he continually improves his performance. To him, the club is a great place to meet people who are enthusiastic about Ping Pong, and to observe their playing skills to learn how to improve his own skills and techniques.

The Goal of the Club is to accommodate all walks of life regardless of color, age, gender, religion and nationality with an ideal environment, to improve their health by exercising and training themselves body and soul.




Doug Cheung - Court Supervisor

Doug had started out playing Table Tennis in Elementary school, when the sport started to gain popularity in Hong Kong. In 2010 Doug started getting back into the game with his best friends and realized that it was helpful in shifting his focus off of daily troubles.

Other benefits he found included improvement in hand eye coordination, breathing, improved reflexes and overall increase in body control. Doug strongly believes that those who wish to improve their health should consider making it out to play ping pong.



Duan Yongjun - Coach

Whether as a player, coach or mentor, The Peoples Table Tennis Club is incredibly fortunate and proud of its association with Coach Duan Yongjun. With an amazing career spanning 23 years (17 as a player & 5 as a coach), his achievements (...which are too many to list), have taken him around the globe.

As a player, Duan was a member of the:

  • - Chinese National Table Tennis team from 1987 to 1993
  • - Singapore National Table Tennis from 1999 to 2003
  • - The National Table Tennis Team of Brunei Darussalam from 2005 to 2007, &
  • - The Canadian National Table Tennis Team from 2007 to 2010


Duan's coaching career has been equally if not more impressive, with posts as Head Coach of The Singapore National Team, Head Coach of The Canadian National Team, and his present position as Head Coach of the Alberta Provincial Team. With a resume as storied as Coach Duan's, anyone who truly wishes to improve their game, would be remiss not to jump at the opportunity to learn from one of the games great players.



Liping Wang - Court Supervisor








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