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Newly Renovated, Our 5600 square foot facility is one of the largest playing courts in Calgary, and features 16 High quality DHS tables, a specially constructed floor, a sitting area, observation gallery, a pro shop, and more !

Main Court -

Specially designed to simulate conditions found at competitive sporting arenas for the Olympics and World Championships, The floor of our main court has been specially constructed to provide extra cushioning, reduced bending around the point of impact, better shock absorption, and optimum grip for a Premiere playing experience !

Equipment -

We are fully equipped with 16 High Quality DHS tables...( 9 DHS Rainbow & 7 DHS Supreme Pro ), as well as a Y&T v989 Table Tennis Serving Robot. This machine is designed to fire table tennis balls across the table in a controlled manner, and can be set to serve to you or to play you, and deliver balls with a combination of spins, including; topspin, backspin, and left and right side spin(s).

Observation Gallery -

Our Observation Gallery is located on the top floor, and provides a fantastic "bird's-eye" view all of the action on our Main Court. In addition, it is equipped with 3 collapsible tables, hardwood flooring and has been sound-proofed, to provide the perfect space for private lessons or party rentals.

Pro Shop -

Carrying a unique selection of High Quality Table Tennis gear, from such trusted manufacturers as Butterfly™, Stiga™, and DHS™, Our Pro Shop offers balls, racket blades, rubbers, apparel and more ! Check out all that we have to offer by clicking Here !



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