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Through a combination of Open and Tournament Play, The Peoples Table Tennis Club is the perfect place to Develop and Showcase your Skills and Abilities, as you Challenge yourself and others in a Safe, Friendly and Social environment.


Interested in playing with us?

Don’t be shy. We love when new players show up. All skill levels are welcome and it’s easy to get started !

Getting Started -

Players are asked to Sign in with the Court Supervisor prior to walking onto the court. If a table is open, you can play with a friend/partner (...or challenge any other member), and play for an unlimited amount of time. If however, the court is very busy, we ask that players rotate every 30 minutes, to provide all members with equal playing time.

Scoring -

  • Matches are best of 5 games (first to win 3 games).
  • Each game is to 11 points.
  • Serve changes every 2 points.
  • 10-10 ties must be played until one player wins by 2 points.
  • Serve changes every 1 point if a 10-10 tie occurs.

Dress Code -

Clothes should be a color different from the ball in use (..not white or orange), and we ask that players only wear clean, indoor, athletic, (non-marking / non-black soled), footwear on the court.

For other helpful tips and handy information, we recommend new players also consult our "Rules and Regulations" page, and our "Frequently Asked Questions" page for complete club details.


Players of all skill levels are we actively encourage amateur and recreational players to join us for fun and exercise, regardless of skill level.



Many think Tournament Play is just about winning trophies...

We however, believe that there are many more benefits to organized competition....

  • Tournaments allow us to Test our Skills, Showcase what we've Learned, and Discover areas that may still require improvement.
  • Tournaments allow us to Watch and Learn from others. We all know that playing the same people, over and over again, leads to being able to anticipate them. Tournament Play allows us to compete against new opponents, and new styles of play.
  • Tournaments teach us how to deal with stress. We have all felt our pulse quicken, our stomach "twist", or our "sweat run cold", in high pressure situations. Tournaments condition us to focus on the task at hand, despite these feelings, and become stronger and more confident in the process.
  • Tournaments help us stay motivated. We find that players train harder, and enjoy the sport more, when they having something to look forward to...and finally,
  • Tournaments offer a unique bonding experience. Whether it be training with, cheering for, or competing against, nothing creates friendships like a shared experience !



General Information...

The Peoples Table Tennis Club hosts both Sanctioned and "Fun" Tournaments (...using ITTF Rules), under the direction of Pasky about once a month. Entry fee is $15/person, with Prizes ( or Prize Money), being awarded based on the total number of Participants.

As a typical Tournament may last anywhere from 3-7 hours (...again, based on the number of participants)'s a good idea be prepared to have yourself challenged for the day !


For our Latest Tournament Schedule...

We encourage all members to check out our "Club News & Events Section", for the latest information and complete details on all upcoming Club Events, or call us at the Club at (403) 263-7664.

See you on the Court !!!




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