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Table Tennis is a sport for all ages, and we at The Peoples Table Tennis Club, are dedicated to making it one to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Whether by helping to develop young minds, or by helping to keep old minds' young, we are confident that there is something at the club for everyone !


Unique to the sporting landscape, Table Tennis is one of the few activities where players of all ages can truly compete on an equal playing field. After all, it's not unusual for an 8 year old to beat an 18 year old – nor for a player in a wheelchair to beat an able-bodied, but less skilled opponent.

That's because Ping Pong is not about age, size or strength; Ping-Pong is all about focus, aim, finesse, patience, control and execution. (...Qualities your kids have probably already mastered in front of the Wii or Xbox.)

However, unlike most video games, Table Tennis is both active and social ! It gets them "up off the couch", among other "real" people, and actively promotes fitness, agility, self-esteem, strategic thinking, team work, fair play and perseverance. Qualities that any video game would be hard-pressed to match.

So if your interested in possibly giving your child an Introduction to a Sport they may end up loving for a lifetime, we'd like to help ! Check out our "Childrens Lessons" page for more information.



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