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Because we believe that the future of table tennis is with our younger members, we work tirelessly to provide a safe, positive, and educational environment (...that not only teaches basic skills), but brings children together to make new friends and have fun !


I'm interested in enrolling my there anything I should know ?

What is taught ?

Classes begin with basic skills, and progress with each individual student. Because our goal is to foster a love of the game, no student is ever "left-behind", nor is there a ever a shortage of patience, praise and encouragement.

How old do my children have to be to attend ?

We have found that children 6 - 14 years of age, stand to gain the most from our programs.

  • Email for details and costs to
  • Please note that costs are non-refundable
  • Students must commit to a set of 10 lessons in total.
  • Costs are $25/hour/student
Can I stay and watch ?

Absolutely ! Parents are encouraged to we secretly hope they pick-up the Sport too ! smiley

Is there anything else I should know or bring ?

A Waiver will need to be signed by a Parent or Guardian prior to your child's first class. As for what to wear or bring, children should bring water (although it can be purchased on site for $1 per bottle), a light snack, sports clothing, and Shoes that are clean, indoor, athletic runners or sneakers (...without black soles so they do not scuff the floors).

If I miss a class can I set up a "make-up" one?

Unfortunately no, our coaches run a busy schedule and are unable to accomdate such a request.


The main goal of our Children's Table Tennis Classes is to allow our youngest players to discover, learn, and hopefully develop a lifelong passion for the Sport ! As always, should you have any questions, all Parents are very welcome to come in and talk to the Club's Owners, or our Coaching Staff !


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